Greengo Unbleached Kingsize Slim Papers



  • 25mm (w)
  • 6mm (h)
  • 110mm (d)
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Discover the eco-friendly choice for your smoking experience with Greengo Unbleached Rolling Papers. Crafted from FSC-certified wood pulp, our papers guarantee sustainability from start to finish.

Featuring an optimal thickness of 14 g/m2, Greengo rolling papers ensure a smooth smoking experience. Plus, our commitment to the environment extends to our packaging, which is crafted entirely from recycled paper.

Experience the difference with Greengo products – our papers are 100% TCF (Totally Chlorine Free), offering a truly unbleached, natural smoking experience.

Embrace nature with every smoke – each pack contains 33 leaves of pure, unadulterated pleasure. Choose FSC-certified Greengo rolling papers for greener, cleaner smoke.


Additional Information

Weight 29.00000000 g
Dimensions 110.00000000 × 25.00000000 × 10.00000000 mm


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