Heavy Duty Steel T-Bar Press


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Designed to facilitate the effortless manufacturing of your own pellets. This versatile multitool is not limited to a single purpose but can be utilized for a wide range of tasks, including crushing nuts, garlic, herbs, and even creating bath salt bombs.
Operating the super press is incredibly straightforward. Simply place your desired item into the barrel and securely fasten the t-handle onto it. Once in position, turn the handle to achieve the desired compression level, and allow it to sit for a recommended duration (typically 24 hours for optimal results). Should you desire further compression, you can easily achieve this by incrementally turning the t-handle a bit further.
We offer two sizes of steel and aluminum presses to cater to your specific needs:
Dimensions: 20 x 95mm
Material: Steel and aluminum
Dimensions: 30 x 115mm
Material: Steel and aluminum
These presses combine durability, precision, and ease of use to provide you with a versatile tool for your pellet manufacturing and various other applications.

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