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The legendary rectangular design and old-school hinged flip-up lid makes Zippo one of the most classic lighters on earth.

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Original price was: £69.99.Current price is: £59.99.

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Spice up your smoking with the RAW Branded Zippo Lighter.
Featuring the iconic RAW logo, this Zippo lighter is a symbol of authenticity and quality. Choose from a variety of eye-catching colors, including Black, Silver, Camo, and Mix Logo.
Designed for durability and reliability, this RAW Zippo lighter ensures a consistent flame in any situation. Its refillable design allows for long-lasting use, making it an essential tool for lighting cigarettes, pipes, or any RAW product of your choice.
Order yours today and lets get RAW

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 85 × 85 × 45 mm

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