Smoking Brown Unbleached Kingsize Slim papers (3 Packs)


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Smoking Brown Unbleached Kingsize Slim papers (3 Packs) Free UK Delivery


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“Introducing Smoking Brown unbleached Papers, Embrace the essence of natural smoking with Smoking Brown Papers, now available on Willy Banjo’s online store. Crafted from unbleached, natural fibres, these papers offer a pure smoking experience, free from harsh chemicals or additives.

Discover the perfect companion for your smoking ritual, as Smoking Brown Papers promise a slow, even burn, allowing you to savour every moment. Whether you’re rolling up a cigarette to enjoy alongside Willy Banjo’s tunes or unwinding with friends around a campfire, let Smoking Brown Papers elevate your smoking experience to new heights of enjoyment.

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Dimensions 110.00000000 × 25.00000000 × 5.00000000 mm


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