Blazy Susan Deluxe Pink Rolling Paper Kit


The ultimate all-in-one solution for smokers on the go! 

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The ultimate all-in-one solution for smokers on the go! 
This pack includes 32 King Size Ultra Thin rolling papers, a generous stack of pink filter tip papers, and an innovative built-in mini rolling tray.
Say goodbye to the hassle of finding a suitable rolling surface when you’re out and about. 
The Deluxe Rolling Kit provides a convenient and portable rolling tray, ensuring you can roll up anywhere, anytime. Plus, the tray serves a dual purpose by allowing you to easily transfer any leftover materials back into your jar or grinder.
The Blazy Susan brand is known for its high quality and attention to detail. 
The pink color adds a touch of style to your smoking experience, while the ultra-thin King Size Slim papers provide a smooth and enjoyable smoke. 
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  • 20 Booklets / Full box

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Weight 31.00000000 g
Dimensions 110.00000000 × 25.00000000 × 5.00000000 mm


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