Blazy Susan King Size Slim Pink Rolling Papers


The distinctive pink color of Blazy Susan papers is derived from a natural dye.

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Introducing Blazy Susan King Size Slim Pink Rolling Papers,

These papers are designed in Colorado and manufactured in France by Blazy Susan,
a trusted brand known for their commitment to excellence.

Blazy Susan rolling papers are made from premium quality wood pulp, guaranteeing a smooth and slow burn. They are completely vegan-friendly and non-GMO, making them suitable for those with dietary preferences and restrictions. These papers are flavorless and odorless, allowing the natural flavors of your herbs to shine through.

  • 1 Packet of 32 papers
  • 2 packets
  • 5 packets
  • 10 Packets
  • 20 Packets
  • Full Box of 50 packets – should last a week or 2 lol

Additional Information

Weight 31.00000000 g
Dimensions 110.00000000 × 25.00000000 × 5.00000000 mm


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