Jilters Filter Tips for Hand Rolling (3 packs)


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Jilters Filter Tips for Hand Rolling 42 per pack (3 Packs) Free UK Delivery


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42 per pack (3 Packs)

Jilter Filter Tips for Hand Rolling Combination Filter.

The Jilter is also known as Zwister. Jilters have been in the smoking marketplace since 2002.

They have retained a very loyal fan base and are the perfect filter to use if you want maximum flavour and filtration in your smokes.

These Jilter Filters go perfectly with Quintessential roach tips and together they work in synergy to give you a great all-around smooth smoking experience.

The concept of the Jilter Filter was to encourage all smokers who use hand-rolling papers to use a Zwister or Jilter Filter Tip to reduce the intake of harmful tars and provide the user with a smoother more enjoyable smoke which is exactly what happens when you use one.

Use Zwister / Jilter Tips with both roll-your-own Filter Tips or roach and Slim cigarette filters.

They come in a handy travel-friendly pack and contain 42 filters per pack.  No more tobacco (or other herbal) crumbs in the mouth gives a wonderful smoking experience.

If you want something special in a standard style, you could always check out Willy Banjo’s own roach, silly sayings, heavy-weight roach with no folds or perforations you can view them here


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