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Chongz Dragons Fire Herb Grinder 50mm 4 Part

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Our collection of metal herb grinders and shredders offers a wide range of styles, sizes, and colours to choose from, all sourced from the biggest and best brands in the business.

Our metal herb grinders feature diamond-shaped or shark-shaped teeth, which make them the ideal tool for shredding your favourite herbs and spices with ease. Including everything from simple 2-part grinders to 4-part grinders that come with built-in pollen screens and kief catchers.

We pride ourselves on stocking high-end ranges from the top brands in the industry, including

  • Headchef,
  • Chongz,
  • Vibes,
  • Red Eye,
  • Santa Cruz,
  • and more.

For those who prefer non-stick coatings, we also offer new ceramic-coated non-stick shredders for a longer-lasting grinder experience.

At The Legendary WillyBanjo, we make it easy for you to shop online and browse our amazing range of metal herb grinders and shredders.