Chongz 28cm ‘Holy Moley’ Glass Bong

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£ 50.00

Availability: 1 in stock

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Introducing the 28cm Holy Moly bong by Chongz

This gorgeous glass bong features a submerged showerhead percolator, capable of producing hundreds of tiny bubbles that cool and filter your smoke.

Smoke is sent through the bongs hollow bodied recycler system which features a ‘Swiss-style percolator made up of a bunch of holes. These help to ‘aerate’ the smoke and pop the bubbles from the first percolator.

Supplied with an 18.8mm herb bowl but would be nicely complimented by a Titanium Nail or Quartz Banger to turn it into a dab rig.

Weight 450.00000000 g
Dimensions 250.00000000 × 120.00000000 × 90.00000000 mm


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