Raw Hydrostone Stone


  • Re-Useable
  • Keeps tobacco fresh
  • Length: 37mm
  • Width: 37mm
  • Depth: 8mm

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This Raw Hydrostone Stone is ideal for preventing your tobacco from drying out. Just drip some water (2-3 drops) on the stone and put it in your tobacco or herb package. Your product will stay moisturised for a long time.

Allow the tobacco stone to absorb a few drops of water. Then place the stone in your tobacco. The evaporation effect gives you a moist and pleasant tobacco smoke. This stone can be reused.

It can even bring old dried material back to life and is 100% reusable. Serious game changer brought back from the past!!

One stone per pack, but they’re constantly reusable.



Weight 59.00000000 g
Dimensions 60.00000000 × 18.00000000 × 10.00000000 mm


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